Making Art Printing - Virtual Tour for Secondary Schools

Making Art Printing - Virtual Tour for Secondary Schools

With Artist Bridget Flannery

Mon 12 Oct - Sat 16 Jan 2021

Your exam class can virtually step through our gallery doors with our specially created Leaving Certificate preparation support tour video of the exhibition MAKing Art: PRINTing

Artist and facilitator Bridget Flannery will walk exam students through the gallery, allowing them to gain an understanding of the curatorial process, installation considerations, and key messages of the art works. Students will see and hear about featured works, techniques and inspirations behind the works. The tour will focus on two artworks, to compare and contrast style, subject matter and artistic techniques.

There is also a free downloadable worksheet (coming soon), helping you to further explore and enjoy the gallery from your own classroom, in your own time with your students.

If you would like to visit in exhibition in person with your class please do get in touch and we can advise you on current gallery visit numbers and assist you in managing your visit in a safe way.
Contact or on 01 8098029.

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Y/Our Walls: An Art Sharing Project For Families And Schools

Y/Our Walls: An Art Sharing Project For Families And Schools

NOV - DEC 2020

Mon 2 Nov - Fri 18 Dec 2020

If you cannot come to visit Draíocht's Galleries, then we would like to bring our Galleries into your home or school instead! 

Art is one of our most meaningful forms of expression and we feel it's important that children experience a wide range of original art images and objects where and whenever possible. We want to make that possible with this art sharing project for families and schools in Dublin 15. We are offering your school or home, the opportunity to display some art work by a range of established artists with a range of arts practices, from photography, illustration and print; from artists Sharon Murphy, Des Kenny and Garvan Gallagher and others, to share and enjoy with your pupils, teachers & families.

A work of art can be a wonderful stimulus in the classroom or home, and is a natural starting point for children to observe closely, think critically and share their thoughts and reactions through their own words. 
If you are interested in hearing more, please contact with a contact name and number. 

This project is FREE and is open to a very limited number of families & schools in Dublin 15 only.
All families & schools will need to sign a lending contract.
All participants will be supported by Draíocht with an integrated project.
A refundable deposit of €50 will be required at the beginning of the project. This refundable deposit can be waived if cost is an issue and will be considered on a case by case basis.