Aoife Dunne - ABYSS

Aoife Dunne - ABYSS

Light Up - Draíocht Building Projection Commissions 2021

Mon 22 Mar - Sat 1 May 2021

Light Up - Draíocht's Building Projection Commissions 2021 - Continues with a brand new work by Digital installation artist Aoife Dunne ... ABYSS .. a large-scale digital installation inspired by the chaotic nature of our current isolated and technology-driven lives.

Aoife Dunne is an installation artist fusing sculpture, video, sound, performance, and costume. Her imaginative compositions are a product of accumulating, arranging, reusing, and reworking layers of visual and digital material. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts London, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, with upcoming shows in New York, Puerto Rico, Paris and Tokyo. Aoife is from D15 and is currently based and working in Dublin.

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We are delighted to present ‘Light Up’, an artist led, community engagement Project, presented by Draíocht, in partnership with Fingal County Council. It sees Draíocht commission artists to create a series of images that will be projected on to our building over the darker months of 2021.

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PLATFORM 2021 - Worlds of Their Own

PLATFORM 2021 - Worlds of Their Own

Susan Buttner, Ellen Duffy, John Rainey, Katherine Sankey

Wed 1 Sep - Sat 30 Oct 2021 Ground Floor Gallery

Dates to be confirmed & finalised.

, now in its third year, is an exhibition and a series of associated performance events showcasing the work of early career artists who engage with the Gallery as a playful, experimental and creative space.

PLATFORM 2021, Worlds of Their Own presents the work of four emerging Irish artists, Susan Buttner, Ellen Duffy, John Rainey and Katherine Sankey whose installations, though conceived out of different circumstances, contexts and ideas are united in the scale of their distinctive ambitions. Their shared practice is encompassed in the term 'installation art' which involves the configuration of objects in a space often described as theatrical, experiential, immersive and which invites the viewer to step inside. 

Susan Buttner works with sculpture, painting, performance, film and in collaborative contexts, to engage with bodily experiences of knowledge and power, alienation and difference. Appealing to her own sensibility, choice materials are wide-ranging, integrating industrially manufactured with crafted objects, revealing juxtapositions and co-existences. Her work is currently focused on the medical and health impacts of mesh surgery on the individual and collective body and considers the politics of female subjectivity.

Ellen Duffy describes her work as falling somewhere between expanded painting, assemblage and installation. She explores the vitality an object/material possesses once it is introduced to the network of an assemblage. She uses found/discarded materials and through her haptic process creates a dialogue between one another. Her work attempts to look at the world as existing in perpetually changing assemblages that create infinite networks. Her work speaks to the inter-reliance between objects, space and viewer.

John Rainey works with sculpture, 3D print technologies and ceramics. Through a series of classical references and using manual and digital processes, his works consider how digital cultures, advancing technologies and photographic practices can suggest new pathways for representing the body. With the aid of emerging 3D print technologies as a source for rethinking approaches to sculptural practice, his work explores recent changes to our cultural, personal and social ways of living and communicating.

Katherine Sankey employs sculpture, video, drawing and painting in her installations. Her practice explores ideas about the tendency of living things to reach into and take over an area, colonising, adapting and mutating, as a means to survive. Working with trees, roots and plumbing pipeage, as well as medical, electrical and crustacean parts, she re-shapes these conduits of flow to question our perception about the relation between bodies (human and otherwise) and ideas of ‘the natural’.

Curated by Sharon Murphy

Draíocht’s Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

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Martin De Porres Wright -  I can feel the tug

Martin De Porres Wright -  I can feel the tug

Out of the Studio

Wed 1 Sep - Sat 30 Oct 2021 First Floor Gallery

Dates to be confirmed & finalised.

Out of the Studio
is a new series of artist-led exhibitions at Draíocht Gallery programmed in direct response to artist’s expressed need to exhibit work made during lockdown. In addition to presenting finished work the artist shows work-in-progress including drawings, maquettes, notebooks and other materials, giving insight into their process and way of working at this time.

For the inaugural Out of the Studio exhibition, Martin De Porres Wright, a Fingal artist, presents I can feel the tug, a series of works in painting and sculpture which continues his investigation into boglands. All of the work presented was initiated by Wright during an INCUBATE Artist Studio Residency at Draíocht in 2019 and continued through the pandemic.

"This line from Seamus Heaney poem 'Punishment' and his poems relating to the stories mysteries and discoveries in our Boglands has been the inspiration behind my work for the last three years. My six month Artist Studio Residency at Draíocht during 2019/20 has enabled me to develop the works on show. I will continue to keep on digging.
Martin De Porres Wright

Image: Donal Moloney, Photographer