Michael McLoughlin - Mulhuddart Satellite

Michael McLoughlin - Mulhuddart Satellite

Curated by Sharon Murphy

Sat 17 Nov - Sat 23 Feb 2019 Ground & First Floor Galleries

Mulhuddart Satellite is a major exhibition by Michael McLoughlin, at the mid-point of his 3 year residency (2017 to 2019) in Mulhuddart, a community on the doorstep of Draíocht. The exhibition presents a number of mappings of Mulhuddart through drawings, soundscape, audio recordings and radio broadcasts.  

The artwork and accompanying engagement programme reflects the lived experience of people, groups, clubs and agencies who make Mulhuddart the community it is. Mulhuddart Satellite and the longer term relationship with Mulhuddart through McLoughlin's residency, exemplifies Draíocht's local participation focus in its new 2018-2022 Strategy - ‘Space For The Arts' and the community involvement central to the work of Mulhuddart Priority Task Group and the recently published Mulhuddart Strategic Development and Implementation Plan.

Mulhuddart has been a prominent west Dublin civil parish for hundreds of years. Along with Clonsilla and Castleknock it was one of the main three areas of what is now Dublin 15. With this exhibition we aim to present visons of Mulhuddart as presented by clubs, community networks and groups of friends who help define this continually developing vibrant area. McLoughlin has been Artist in Residence in Draíocht since 2017. The role we asked Michael to take on was that of ‘diviner’ (coined by Sharon Murphy) to spend time in Mulhuddart developing an understanding of the communities within it and in turn begin to suggest possible linkages between Draíocht, Mulhuddart residents and the participations that could build potential points of connection.
The Mulhuddart Satellite exhibition presents a number of ‘mappings’ of Mulhuddart, each presented as an installation in the gallery, drawings, or as public radio broadcasts. One piece for instance consists of a bank of wall mounted loudspeaker cones and was made from McLoughlin’s door to door calls to every home in Mulhuddart, in an attempt to record the names of every resident. Another draws on local archaeology and changes in what Mulhuddart is, several over centuries.

In the main gallery an installation that takes the name of the exhibition ‘Mulhuddart Satellite’ features spatial recordings of conversations between community groups in Mulhuddart and is made from banks of speakers hanging from the gallery ceiling through which the audience negotiate their way through conversation, chat and stories. Overall the exhibition explores place, belonging, friendships and the connections we have to the people around us. This sense of place is something we can’t take for granted and exhibitions like Mulhuddart Satellite can act as a gentle reminder of how our relationships with neighbours, friends and family define us and the place we live.  

Mulhuddart Satellite Radio Collaboration with 92.5 Phoenix FM

As part of the Mulhuddart Satellite exhibition programme we will be collaborating with 92.5 Phoenix FM to broadcast live from Draíocht’s Artist Studio. Phoenix FM is a Community Radio station which reflects the special interests and needs of the listenership of the Dublin 15 community that the Station is licensed to serve. For two Thursday mornings in February, from 10am to 12 noon, the D15 Today show will take the name Mulhuddart Satellite, broadcasting stories, ideas and discussions relating to Mulhuddart. Presented by D15 Today’s Jeff Murphy and Charlie Kurtz, the show will entertain and provoke further conversation relating to the exhibition and the Mulhuddart area over the course of the month. Join us live in Draíocht, or tune to 92.5 Phoenix FM on February 7th & 14th. 

You can contact Michael by email: info@mmcloughlin.org and he will be very happy to meet you for a chat and a cup of tea.


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