Shoplifters (2018)
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Shoplifters (2018)

Cinema at Draiocht

Wed 12 Jun 2019 7.30PM Main Auditorium // €7.50 / €6 conc

Director Kore-Eda Hirokazu’s new film Shoplifters, is a subtle and moving drama about the forces holding a struggling family together. Osamu (Lily Franky), his wife Nobuyu (Sakura Andô) and grandma Hatsue (Kirin Kiki) are the Shibatas, a family living just above the poverty line. When they take in what appears to be an abandoned little girl, this brittle and unconventional family unravels. Shoplifters is a brilliant and nuanced moral inquiry. Tender, compassionate but also enduringly humorous, Kore-Eda unfolds a drama which is profoundly moving. In the process conspicuously revealing a Japan rarely seen.

CERT: 15A  Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)  Dur: 121 mins
In Association with Access Cinema