Shorts for Middle Ones

Shorts for Middle Ones

Culture Night Free Screening / 6PM / Ages 8+ Yrs

Fri 21 Sep 2018 6PM Main Auditorium // FREE

This collection of short films is a patchwork of experiences – funny, sad, thrilling, emotional and, in one particular case, a tad stomach-churning (in a very tasteful way, of course!). Polar bears cross their disappearing ice floes, a stylish cat and an impoverished artist learn to create beautiful artworks together, a perfect gold heist goes horribly awry and the Mona Lisa finds herself in entirely new surroundings. And then there are a couple of very unusual chameleons: one trying to impress a potential mate, and the other? Well, let’s just say it’s a documentary that David Attenborough clearly had no involvement in ... Most of these films are dialogue-free, proving words aren’t always necessary when telling exquisite stories. However, one story is in French with English subtitles and another has a French spoken in the background (subtitles not required). Suited to audiences aged eight and older, please be aware that they do include some cartoon violence, images of a decomposing rat and some very messy eating!

List of Short Films:
Spring Jam, 2016, dir. Ned Wenlock, New Zealand (5'35") - no dialogue
Sabaku, 2016, dir. Marlies van der Wel, The Netherlands (2'18") - no dialogue
Nanuuq, 2016, dir. Jim Lachasse, France (3'26") - no dialogue
The Cat And Its Artist, 2015, dir. Maike Koller, Germany (5'30") – no dialogue
Moroshka, 2016, dir. Polina Minchenok, Russia (7'46") - no dialogue
Darrel, 2016, dirs.  Marc Briones and Alan Carabantes ,Spain (3'20") - no dialogue
Pautinka (Spider Web), 2016, dir. Natalia Chernysheva, Russia (4') - no dialogue
Amour Fou, 2015, dir. Florian Werzinski, Germany (4'15") – no dialogue
Un plan d'enfer, 2016, dirs. Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol, France/Belgium (5'50") - in French with English subtitles
Wrapped, 2015, dirs. Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper and Florian Wittman, Germany (4') - no dialogue
Alike, 2015, dirs.  Rafa Cano Méndez and Daniel Martínez Lara, Spain (8') - no dialogue
Our Wonderful Nature: The Common Chameleon, 2016, dir. Tomer Eshed, Germany (3'32") - in English

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