Shorts for Wee Ones – Magical Tales for Ages 3+

Shorts for Wee Ones – Magical Tales for Ages 3+

Culture Night Free Screening

Fri 20 Sep 2019 4PM Main Auditorium // FREE // Dur: 45 mins

This collection of short films from around the world will delight anyone over the age of three. 

There’s a penguin whose attempts to serve drinks at a birthday party lead to utter chaos, a mystery fish who will only swim at the surface of the sea, and a little girl who insists on moving in to live with the animals at the zoo. A large green bird has some difficulties with a big bell and a very frisky egg, and we learn what happens when some dots start thinking (and eating) outside the box. Plus – screen giant Samuel L. Jackson gives us his finest, funkiest, flashiest Tyrannosaurus Rex in a truly jaw-dropping, mind-boggling and foot-tapping four minutes.

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