The Nualas Glam Slam
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The Nualas Glam Slam

Sat 22 Sep 2018 8PM Main Auditorium // €22 / €20 conc

Bam! Pow! Biff! Shazam! They are back in the ring for a glittering bout of knock-out, body slamming comedy gold. They dance like a butterfly and sing like a bee, they’ll have you flat out on the mat with laughter, they will literally punch you right in the kisser with their gloves of gags and gaiety. 
Who? The Nualas!
What? Their new show Glam Slam!
Where? At a reputable entertainment outlet near you.
Don’t miss this slug fest of musical genius from Ireland’s First Ladies of Comedy.

“I laughed until I cried.”
“I laughed until my face hurt.”
“I have never laughed so much.  An absolutely brilliant show.”
(Real quotes from real people who actually saw the show.  Fair play to them.)


"The cult queens of Ireland who put the ‘b’ in bejaysus!" Metro, London

"... wackily original ..." The New York Times

"Genius! Kill to get a ticket!" The Scotsman