This is the Funeral of Your Life
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This is the Funeral of Your Life

Louise White Performance

Fri 8 Feb 2019 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €18 / €16 conc / Age 15+

Leave behind the emails, the bills, the deadlines. The quest for recognition, fame and glory.
We are here. Together. Now.
Watch us facilitate your funeral in real time, in this live event featuring an actor, a dancer and a mezzo-soprano.
Find out who you really are. No really ... You. Right in front of you. Like never before. I mean we’re all dying anyway.

After an original sell-out run at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, inventive theatre-maker Louise White brings This is the Funeral of Your Life to Draíocht. A poignant and heart-warming show about death and the challenges of living.

Originally funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award. This touring presentation is funded through an Arts Council Touring Grant.
Also funded by: Pavilion Artist Patron Donation Fund.
Developed as part of MAKE Artist Residency Programme.
Louise White is a Project Artist; an initiative of Project Arts Centre.



"An unexpectedly funny and uplifting play about your own death. Elegant, dignified, skillfully put together." ★★★★ The Irish Times

"Louise White’s eclectic exploration of mortality is ebullient and profound." Exeunt Magazine

"Comical, moving and genuinely thought-provoking."