Spréacha 2011

It's Spréacha time again hooray! 

Draíocht’s annual week long international arts festival for children is guaranteed to spark all our imaginations for a full 8 days in April (having moved from its usual spot in June!). Spréacha shows are perfect for school groups and families with events programmed in and out of school time. Phone our Box Office now on 01-8852622 and get your FREE Spreacha Brochure of events.

Spréacha is presented by Draíocht in partnership with Fingal County Council.

"It was magical, they were mesmerized – it was the best school tour we were ever on."

"They loved it, one child (hard of hearing) doesn’t communicate very much and he communicated about it at home, this is very unusual for him, he only does this with things that he has really enjoyed."

Spréacha 2011 Events

Celebrating Spréacha in Schools

Celebrating Spréacha in Schools

Spréacha Festival 2011 Pre-Festival Workshops

Mon 4 - Thu 7 Apr 2011 // FREE

To celebrate TPO’s arrival from Italy with their performance of Butterflies, Draíocht will come to your school, in advance of the show and facilitate a 1 hour movement based workshop recreating the life cycle of the butterfly.  These workshops are open to the first class to book into each of TPO’s shows (see pg 22) (4 workshops available) 

To coincide with Branar performing Mise during Spréacha, our puppeteers will come and create some Irish speaking Puppets in your classroom. This workshop will be available to the first class to book into each performance of this beautiful Irish language performance (see pg 22). (4 workshops available) 

School Workhop Notes:
Workshops will take place in your school. Please enquire about workshops at time of booking with Box Office, tel: 01-8852622. Spréacha Booking opens on Monday 10 January 2011, 10am. Please note that these workshops are offered free of charge to classes within a one and a half mile drive from Draíocht, on a first come first served basis and to schools who have secured their show bookings with a non-refundable deposit of 25%.

Butterflies (Irish Premiere) SOLD OUT
  • Friends Special Price Event

Butterflies (Irish Premiere) SOLD OUT

Spréacha Festival 2011 / TPO, Italy

Wed 13 - Thu 14 Apr 2011 10AM & 12 NOON Main Auditorium // €5 // 50 mins

From larvae to grown up, follow the life of a butterfly using TPO’s magical sensitive carpet!
Compose lullabies with your feet, chase caterpillars and get ready to interact with a theatrical experience designed for eyes, ears, knees and toes. You might be invited to visit the cocoon or to virtually paint with your arms.. or to sit for a while on a flower.  Larvae, caterpillar, butterfly, it’s all in a day’s work!
Age 4-8 yrs / Dur: 50 Mins

Mise, Scéal Cailín (World Premiere)
  • Friends Special Price Event

Mise, Scéal Cailín (World Premiere)

Spréacha Festival 2011 / Branar Dramaíochta, Ireland

Wed 13 - Fri 15 Apr 2011 WED & THURS 10.15AM & 12.15PM / FRI 2PM Draíocht Studio // €5 // 50 mins

WED 13 - THURS 14 APRIL  10.15AM & 12.15PM

This is the story of a little girl who can’t sleep and a cloud that won’t leave her. With beautiful puppetry, live music and animation Branar tell the story of the night the girl couldn’t get to sleep and the adventure she had trying. Mise, Scéal cailín. is supported  by the Arts Council and is produced in association with Draíocht. Branar has had the pleasure of working with Espen Dekko of Dekkoart Theatre Norway as artistic consultant on this show.

Age 7+ yrs // Dur: 50 mins

Find More info on Branar here ... 

This show will be touring Ireland as part of the Strollers Touring Network



Sat 16 - Sun 17 Apr 2011 12-3PM

Come and celebrate Spréacha with two days of art themed around our fabulous Spréacha shows. Come and create a clown with a red nose and crazy hair or become a captain of a lollypop stick boat! 

Family Day Notes: No booking necessary – just drop in at any stage / Dress for Mess / These activities are designed for children from 5-10 years, though younger and older siblings are welcome to try their hand too / Please be aware that Draíocht’s Family days are not designed for groups / All children must be accompanied by an adult … and all adults must be accompanied by a child!

Boats (Irish Premiere)
  • Friends Special Price Event

Boats (Irish Premiere)

Spréacha Festival 2011 / Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Australia

Sat 16 - Mon 18 Apr 2011 12 NOON & 2PM Draíocht Studio // €5 // 50 mins

Boats tells the adventures of two sailor friends, Jof and Nic. Classic storytelling with live sound effects, puppetry and object manipulation help to tell this tale of the high seas which will leave you with a lump in your throat and a smile on your face. Watch bread being transformed into a boat, a bird being made from rope and a circus hiding in a jacket.

Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer, directed by Frank Newman.
Age 5+ yrs // Dur: 50 mins


"Fabulous show, engaging and creatively inspiring. Very cleverly designed"

Rawums (Irish Premiere)
  • Friends Special Price Event

Rawums (Irish Premiere)

Spréacha Festival 2011 / Florschutz & Dohnert, Germany

Sat 16 - Tue 19 Apr 2011 1PM & 3PM Main Auditorium // €5 // 30 mins

Using pictures, words and movement, two clownish performers explore falling and flying, lightness and heaviness. Come watch with us as we explore why feathers gently float to the ground while a little sand bag falls down quickly. Join us for this show for our younger audiences and you too will see nothing is really what we think it is and really anything is possible … even flying!!
Age 2-5 yrs // Dur: 30 mins

"... they upturn the laws of nature to hilarious effect" The Scotsman 2010

"... a merry and gentle half hour of visual ups and downs " The Herald 2010

"... delicate, charming and ingenious … a gem of a show" Sunday Herald 2010

Miss Ophelia (Irish Premiere)
  • Friends Special Price Event

Miss Ophelia (Irish Premiere)

Spréacha Festival 2011 / Het Filiaal, The Netherlands

Tue 19 - Wed 20 Apr 2011 Draíocht Studio // €5 // 50 mins

WED 20 APRIL   12 NOON & 2PM

Miss Ophelia is a performance full of playfulness and light, lots and lots of objects and even more shadows! It tells the story of a little girl, called Ophelia, who grows up and befriends all the shadows that live in the disused theatre that she used to work in. At night, the shadows come out to play and Ophelia tells them all the wonderful stories of the theatre. Together they travel the world, performing for all to see. A charming and magical story about finding friendship in the most unusual places.
Age 6+ yrs // Dur: 50 mins

"Miss Ophelia is forty-five minutes of theatrical delight." HET PAROOL

"The play abounds with simple yet such creative invention. Add to that Graus and Klieverik’s obvious enthusiasm, and you have all the ingredients for a production that touches the hearts of children and adults alike." NOORD HOLLANDS DAGBLAD

Welcome to Spréacha at Draíocht

Draíocht’s annual Spréacha Festival was first launched in 2004. Theatre shows for children aged 0-12 years are programmed during and outside school time so school groups and families can enjoy a range of magical performances together, from puppetry to storytelling and music to circus. Spréacha tickets are kept to a maximum price of €5 per ticket, thanks to the ongoing support of our funders, sponsors and donations received. Approximately 4000 young people and their families come every year to our festival, many from our local area in Dublin 15.

Draíocht prides itself on being a fully accessible family friendly venue. Our staff are welcoming, interactive, very hands on and ready to help when necessary. With such a huge population in the greater Blanchardstown area (over 100,000 and growing), and over 40% of that population aged 15 years and under, we are dedicated to catering for our younger audiences and their families in as many ways as we can. Draíocht boasts a wide and varied programme of activities for families and young people including family drama, panto and musicals, dance & drama classes, summer projects, our annual Children's Festival and our ever popular Free Family Art Days on various Saturdays throughout the year. We hope you’ll stay in touch with us long after your visit to our Festival.

For your convenience Draíocht amenities include: