Spreacha 2013

During 2013 you can enjoy Spréacha shows throughout the year, starting with ‘The Forest of Grimm’, travelling to Fingal from Spain in May.

Spréacha shows are perfect for school groups and families with events programmed in and out of school time. Phone our Box Office now on 01-8852622.

Spréacha is presented by Draíocht in partnership with Fingal County Council.

"It was magical, they were mesmerized – it was the best school tour we were ever on."

"They loved it, one child (hard of hearing) doesn’t communicate very much and he communicated about it at home, this is very unusual for him, he only does this with things that he has really enjoyed."

Spréacha 2013 Events

The Forest of Grimm
  • Friends Special Price Event

The Forest of Grimm

Spreacha 2013 - La Maquine, Spain

Fri 17 - Sat 18 May 2013 Main Auditorium // €5

Where would Little Red Riding Hood or Tom Thumb be without a forest to get lost in? La Maquine presents ‘The Forest of Grimm’, a show without words full of eye-catching images inspired by the well-known stories of The Brothers Grimm: Tom Thumb, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. An experience that takes place through music, puppets, objects and projections in a visual show for all ages inspired by the timeless tales and dream world of our childhood. 

Spréacha is presented by Draíocht in partnership with Fingal County Council.

FRI 17 MAY - 10AM & 12 NOON
SAT 18 MAY - 1PM & 3PM

Main Auditorium // €5 / Age 6+ / Dur 45 mins / 2 teachers free per class.

"Magnificently lit and arranged with a precise rhythm and enchantment palpable in every figure, in every puff of smoke and in every projection, whether of an immense moon or a dizzy clock. Everything is as charming as it is enchanting …"

Quilt (Édredon)
  • Friends Special Price Event

Quilt (Édredon)

SPRÉACHA 2013 - Les Incomplètes Theatre, France

Fri 25 - Sun 27 Oct 2013 Draíocht Studio // €5 // Age 2-5 years

Quilt (Édredon) is a beautiful dance piece performed in close proximity to the audience and filled with shadows, video imagery and musical light. It's bedtime and a little girl is warm and cosy in her cuddly quilt. She dreams and dreams … of adventures and new places. Gently she awakes to someone beckoning her. She’s scared at first but little by little, the girl finds the courage to leave behind the comfort of her quilt and takes a step outside. And once there she goes to discover the world.

Quilt (Édredon) is a visually captivating and gentle piece of dance for our younger audiences.

FRI 25 OCT   10AM & 12 NOON
SAT 26 OCT   12 NOON & 2PM 
SUN 27 OCT   12 NOON & 2PM 

Draíocht Studio // Dur: 30 mins / 2 teachers free per class

Spréacha is presented by Draíocht in partnership with Fingal County Council.