Family Friendly

Draíocht is a multidisciplinary Arts Centre situated in the heart of Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, that has a particular commitment to opening up opportunities of arts engagement for children and young people to explore. It is based on a belief that all of us, no matter how small, are entitled to varied arts and cultural experiences of a high and imaginative quality.

Draíocht prides itself on being a family friendly venue. Our staff are welcoming, interactive, very hands on and ready to help when necessary.

With 40% of the population of Fingal aged 15 years and under, we are dedicated to catering for our younger audiences and their families in as many ways as we can.

  • Draíocht boasts a wide and varied programme of activities for families and young people including family drama, panto and musicals, dance & drama classes, summer projects and our ever popular free Family Art Days on Saturdays (see Youth Arts section for further details and forthcoming dates).
  • Draíocht presents an international programme of work for children called Spréacha, meaning ‘Sparkling’, in association with Fingal County Council, first launched in 2004 as a week long festival, but now spread throughout the year. Shows are programmed during and outside school time so families and schools can both enjoy a range of international theatre shows together. Spréacha tickets are kept to a maximum price of €5 per ticket for children and €6 for adults, and approximately 3500 young people and their families come every year.
  • Draíocht hires professional facilitators at all times ensuring a high quality arts experience for families and young people.
  • Draíocht is fully accessible, on ground level, making it easy to get around with a buggy. There is lift access to the First Floor, and baby changing facilities on the Ground Floor. Whenever possible Draíocht will offer a family ticket price to performances and almost every performance will have a concession price for children and young people under 18 and students. There is no admission charge for Draíocht’s galleries, which are open Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm.
  • Children under 2 go free to performances, unless the performances are specifically aimed at their age range. Please check with Box Office at time of booking for clarification.
  • Booster Seats are available for all children who might like to use one.
  • For attendance at performances, children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. While young people between the age of 12 and 18 years are welcome to attend performances unaccompanied, Draíocht cannot accept responsibility for their safety. Certain productions may also have age restrictions and recommendations, which will be clearly outlined and we would ask all patrons to respect these when booking. For further information on age limits please contact the Box Office on 01 8852622.
  • Draíocht implemented its Child Welfare Policy and Children’s Charter early in 2005 (one of the first venues in Dublin to do so). Draíocht’s Children’s Charter is prominently displayed in the foyer for all to enjoy.
  • Draíocht consults regularly with local school children, getting feedback from them after projects, meaning we can constantly improve our service for our younger participants.
  • Draíocht is height aware and a portable child’s step is available in the toilets to ensure children can reach the sinks.
  • Draíocht ensures its family shows are programmed for appropriate age ranges and that the length of the show is appropriate to the specific age range.
  • Draíocht is a no smoking venue. Patrons are free to smoke outside the building where ashtrays are provided.

Draíocht’s Children’s Charter

What you can expect from us:

  • We believe that this is your arts centre too.
  • We believe you have something very important to contribute to the life of the arts centre.
  • We believe that you are very, very welcome and we are delighted to have you here.
  • We believe that we should keep finding ways to make this building easier for you to get around, for example you should be able to reach things like taps or light switches easily.
  • We believe that all the staff you meet here in the building should be friendly and polite to you.
  • We believe that any activity in which you participate here in Draiocht should be the best it can be for you.
  • We believe that any activity in which you participate should be designed with you in mind.  By that we mean that it should suit your age, your needs, your interests and abilities.
  • We believe that anyone working with you should be very good at what they do, will treat you in a fair and respectful way and help you anyway they can.
  • We believe that if you have an opinion, we should listen.
  • We believe we should work hard to make this a safe place for you to play and work and we choose all our staff carefully to make sure this happens.
  • We believe that you have great works of art inside you, and great ideas and we want to help you find ways to think about and express them.
  • We believe that trying something new and having a go is important.  Very important discoveries are made by trying and then trying again.
  • We believe that in the arts, all answers are right answers.
  • We don’t want you to be like any one else, we think you are really special just the way you are.
  • We believe in you!

What we expect from you:

  • We believe you will be a great guest by co-operating with and listening to people around you. These people might include Draiocht staff, your teacher or leader, your friends or the new people you’ll meet in an activity.
  • We believe that you will work well with the staff here and help them if they ask you.
  • We believe that you will give new things a try here, even if you’re not sure you’ll like them.
  • We believe that you’ll treat everyone you meet in the same friendly and polite way in which they will treat you.

How can we help?

We are committed to constantly improving our services for all customers, and we want to ensure you enjoy your visit to Draíocht. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and give us your feedback so we can provide assistance when needed. Phone the Box Office on 01 885 2622 or email: