Andrew Carson Artist in Residence

May - December 2015

  • Andrew Carson Artist in Residence
  • Andrew Carson Artist in Residence
  • Andrew Carson Artist in Residence

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Carson to our Artists Studio.

Andrew is a Dublin based artist, graduated from DIT with a BA Fine Art in 2010. He has shown in solo and group exhibitions extensively around Ireland and also in the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland and Japan. In 2014 he was the recipient of the Foundation 14 Critics’ Choice Award, and took part in the Fingal County Council Resort Residency-Case Study 1 Portrane programme. His work is featured in private and OPW state collections.

Using a variety of media, including, paper craft, sculpture, video and sound, Andrew’s work is an exploration of social structures, systems, and methods of communication. He is interested in the use and effects of digital devices and social media as the modern ubiquitous means of contact. Questions that arise from his work include; what comparisons can be made between our habitual uses of these modern forms of contact with the use of prayer and ritual across cultures? How do we reconcile virtual and physical realities, and can we overcome the psychological distances in human interaction?

Andrew will use his time as Artist in Residence to develop a new body of work, and encourages members of the public to visit him and exchange stories, anecdotes and thoughts about communication, miscommunication and visual art.

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Image Captions:
Pic 1: "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye", 2014
Pic 2:"The Inner Light", 2014
Pic 3: "Swifter Than Light", 2011