Katie O’Neill - Artist in Residence

July - December 2016

  • Katie O’Neill - Artist in Residence
  • Katie O’Neill - Artist in Residence

Katie O’Neill is a multidisciplinary artist from Balbriggan, Dublin. O’Neill’s practice is largely defined by self-publishing in various media, notably zines (small, self-made booklets) and books of political and personal themes, including ‘Loudmouth’, a collaborative feminist zine which called for submissions from women detailing their experiences of sexism. Her work has explored themes of alienation within capitalist spaces, psychogeography (an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and ‘drifting’ around urban environments), mental health struggles and notions of identity, memory and ‘medium as message’.

For the past months O’Neill has collected sounds and images from various areas in her native Dublin city and abroad. Working as a collector and curator of this archive of found ‘footage’, the artist creates audio collages and visual narratives of various themes, playing with and adding to what she finds.

O’Neill’s goal for her residency at Draíocht is to develop this project by bringing together various strands of her work in a way that is engaging and accessible to her audience.
O’Neill’s work ‘Eternal Light’ was exhibited in Draíocht in 2014 ... Read a review by Des Kenny HERE.
The work was also displayed in Tactic in Cork.
O’Neill has a BA in Photography from DIT and studied screen-printing in Black Church Print Studio under the guidance of Louise Peat.

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