Kevin Gaffney Artist in Residence

January - April 2015

  • Kevin Gaffney Artist in Residence

Kevin Gaffney is a visual artist from Dublin. In 2011, he graduated from the Royal College of Art's MA in Photography & Moving Image, and was awarded an Honorary Mention from the Startpoint Prize for Emerging Artists in the Czech Republic. In 2014, he was awarded an UNESCO-Aschberg Bursary for a residency at the National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in South Korea.

Kevin works in film and photography, writing texts which feature in accompanying publications or as dialogue in the films. A recent project, Everything Disappears, was made in Taiwan with five local participants as performers. Portrayals of the participants unravel across intimate scenes to surreal staged events, reflecting on ideas of self-image and identity. The spoken words of the characters bring us through a series of psychological landscapes, reflecting on the relationships we have with ourselves and our native countries. Another project, Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick, explores the remnants of lead and coal mining infrastructure which remain on the Irish landscape, using performance as a tool to re-activate the spaces. On residency at Draíocht, Kevin will develop and produce a new body of work, using the local area as a departure point for his research.