Sarah Ward Artist in Residence - Studio Incubation Award

January - February 2017

  • Sarah Ward Artist in Residence - Studio Incubation Award
  • Sarah Ward Artist in Residence - Studio Incubation Award
  • Sarah Ward Artist in Residence - Studio Incubation Award

Studio Incubation Residencies For Artists 2017/2018
Draiocht is delighted to announce some short-term incubation residencies at Draíocht Artists Studio for emerging artists from Fingal whose practice will embody and enrich our ‘new directions’ vision. Priority will be given to young and emerging artists who wish to research and develop new work and whose interests lie in one or more of the following areas: interdisciplinary practice; visual culture and new technologies; socially engaged and collaborative practices; visual arts practice for children and young people. 
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Sarah Ward Artist in Residence - Studio Incubation Award #1
16 January - 24 February 2017

“We live in a world that we have not yet learned to look at. We have to relearn to look at space”. (Auge, 1995, 35)

I am interested in exploring the notion of virtual space. The idea of a place that occupies non-physical space, but yet has the ability to be immersive. This space is then understood to have it's own set of rules and boundaries that does not belong to our physical world. Instead, an alternate place that is free of limitations, defiant of all scientific reasoning and obligation. 

Drawing from the built environment I am looking for an escape from the arbitrary presumptions of architecture. Through re-purposing our existing reality and re-constructing the world, I want to suggest an alternative space. The departure point begins with experiencing physical space and through the processes of paint and digital media I intend to describe how physical reality might exist in virtual space. 

Sarah Ward is a visual artist  from Dublin 15. Her practice revolves around the notion of virtual space in relation to the viewer’s experience of reality when you stand before a piece of art. This reality occupies an imagined space that cannot be physically accessed, but yet has an ability and power to immerse the spectator. Sarah explores the relationship between art and space to consider how places are occupied, which at times can be transitory. Through a process of using paint to abstract our existing reality, she aims to develop an alternative space to the arbitrary presumptions of physical reality.  While in Draíocht she has developed a new body of work arising from her preoccupations. Sarah works regularly at the National Gallery and she is currently in Venice working at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.