MAKing Art: PRINTing

MAKing Art: PRINTing

Curated by Sharon Murphy

Mon 10 Aug - Wed 23 Dec 2020 Ground & First Floor Galleries

Draíocht’s forthcoming exhibition ‘MAKing Art: PRINTing’, curated by Sharon Murphy, was due to be opened on 25 March by Professor Kevin Rafter, Chair, The Arts Council. It includes the work of 20 artists across two distinct exhibitions whose practice is rooted in printmaking. The installation is in mid-flow and we look forward to opening it later in the season. Stay tuned!

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In the meantime, we are delighted to feature the work of the artists in our Online Gallery.

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New Impressions
Neil Dunne, Margot Galvin, Fiona Kelly, Aoife Scott

Ground Floor Gallery
Works from the Graphic Studio
Members from Fingal

First Floor Gallery

MAKing Art: PRINTing is the third in a series of exhibitions aimed at children and young people, which explores a particular visual art discipline, its materials, processes and varied manifestations. Printmaking is the focus of this third exhibition. It celebrates different techniques, styles and approaches to the use of print, to the act of printmaking and to the print as a finished artwork.

It includes two exhibitions: New Impressions (Ground Floor Gallery) explores how traditional printmaking techniques have been re-imagined and re-worked and invites us to consider: what makes a print a print? Common conceptions of printmaking are expanded, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, from mass-produced to unique, from paper to mixed and digital media. The exhibition features artists whose work, though rooted in or referencing print, expands the boundaries of that medium. New Impressions includes artists Neil Dunne, Margot Galvin, Fiona Kelly and Aoife Scott.

Works from the Graphic Studio (First Floor Gallery) is an exhibition which marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Graphic Studio and features members from Fingal who work across a range of process including etching, woodcut/lino, screen print and lithography. Artists include: Susan Early, Mary Grey, Julie Ann Haines, Michele Hetherington, Ernada Husic, Siobhan Hyde, Desmond Kenny, Michael Killen, Jennifer Lane, Pamela Leonard, Ned McLoughlin, Sorca O'Farrell and Una Sealy. The exhibition will also feature work by master printmakers, Niamh Flanagan and Robert Russell.

MAKing Art PRINTing will be accompanied by a programme of engagement for children and young people facilitated by participating artists and Draíocht’s Artist team.

Image: Aoife Scott

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