Preparing For Section 3 - Art Appreciation

Preparing For Section 3 - Art Appreciation


Wed 1 Mar - Wed 31 May 2017 // €25 PER CLASS // Dur: 60 Mins

COST: €25 PER CLASS / Duration 1 hour

Section 3 of the Leaving Certificate Art exam paper often includes a question on visiting an exhibition or a gallery space. Facilitated by artist Andrew Carson, this tour gives students the opportunity to ask questions and explore Draíocht’s exhibitions, focusing on how we layout, install, display and light work. They will also have an opportunity to make notes, sketches and diagrams.

Contact Sarah on 01-8098029 to arrange a tour that will help students answer possible questions around gallery installation and exhibitions. All materials will be provided. Please give at least 2 weeks notice. Max 30 students per class with accompanying teacher.

BASS - Band And Song Support

BASS - Band And Song Support

Spring & Summer 2017

Wed 1 Mar - Tue 30 May 2017

AGE: 14-18 YEARS

Draíocht will continue to offer up supervised creative space for thinking, writing, collaboration and rehearsal for young people within the Dublin 15 area who are interested in spending time with other creatives in a shared space. If you would like to find out more about this free musical support please contact or 01 8098029 .
Free space will be offered on  select Tuesdays through Jan, Feb and Mar from 6.45 pm to 9pm. Pre-registration is recommended, but not necessary. Tuesdays are dependent on availability of space.

Draiocht’s Artist In Your Classroom Initiative 2017

Draiocht’s Artist In Your Classroom Initiative 2017

Workshops in your Classroom with Draiocht’s Artists

Mon 3 Apr - Fri 16 Jun 2017

This programme aims to provide a range of high quality arts experiences for Primary school pupils and teachers in your own classroom, facilitated by Draíocht’s professional artists. Your school can choose from two of specially selected and purposefully created school workshops below.
This Season, pupils will have the opportunity to create cartoons with Alan Nolan or bring out their dramatic side with drama with Eimear Morrissey. Workshops are tailored to your class’s age and abilities and will work with two separate classes each day.

Cartoons In Your Classroom
Age Range: 2nd-6th Class
Duration: 2 Class Group Workshops of 1.5 Hours
Artist: Alan Nolan
This Cartoons Capers workshop consists of a short, hilariously funny talk by author Alan Nolan  (who worked with Draíocht in 2016 on our Lucky Penny 2016 Project) and then the children join in as Alan gives a step-by-step drawing demonstration of one of the comical characters from his books. They then create their own mini-comic book using materials and help that Alan provides. Every pupil gets to bring home their own comic book.

Drama In Your Classroom
Age Range: Adaptable To All Age Ranges
Duration: Junior/Senior Inf: 4 Class Group Workshops of 45mins
2nd Class Upwards: 2 Class Group Workshops of 1.5hr Workshops
Artist: Eimear Morrissey
Using some of our favourite fairytales as a starting point, facilitator Eimear introduces pupils to the wonderful world of theatre through imaginative storytelling and fun collective group games. The workshop will explore different ways of engaging the imagination, of thinking creatively, seeing, listening, new ways of communicating and expression, as well as building confidence. Pupils will work together towards a common goal of creating a short improvised performance piece, giving pupils the opportunity to experience the creation of something from nothing!

Workshop Notes & Bookings:
Workshops can take place from April-June 2017 on a date of your choosing.
Closing date for Bookings is Friday 28 April 2017 through Draíocht’s Box Office tel: 01-8852622.
The programme is offered on a first come first serve basis and is restricted to schools within the Dublin 15 area. Cost per day €150. All materials are provided. Schools are welcome to make multiple bookings, subject to artist availability, but due to budgetary constraints the above subsidised workshop rate is limited to two days per school. For further details please contact Sarah on 01-809 8029 or email

D15 Youth Theatre Summer 2017

D15 Youth Theatre Summer 2017

April - July 2017

Tue 4 Apr - Tue 4 Jul 2017

Throughout the Spring & Summer terms, D15 Youth Theatre members are working on improvisation and scene creation with a focus on writing their own scripts for performance, to bring you their second self-scripted theatre piece. The piece will be co-directed by Eimear Morrissey and Mark Rogers and will run during July 2017.

Further performance details and ticket prices coming soon.      

Youth Theatre gives young people aged between 14-18 years a space to create, express themselves and explore ideas.

Create Dance - Summer 2017

Create Dance - Summer 2017

Sat 13 May - Sat 24 Jun 2017 Saturdays MAY-JUN 2017 €5 per class Draiocht Workshop Room

Saturdays MAY-JUN 2017   €5 per class
Jnr Group (6-9 yrs) 12.30PM-1.15PM
Snr Group (10-17 yrs) 2PM-3PM

During this innovative dance project, dancers and facilitators Mark Rogers and Antje O’Toole continue to work their ‘dance magic’ with our group of children with an intellectual disability, their parents and siblings in weekly workshops. If you have a child aged between 6-17 years with a love of dance, please get in touch with Sarah Beirne, / ph 01-8098029.

  • Create Dance - Summer 2017 video
Sing Your Socks Off - SOLD OUT

Sing Your Socks Off - SOLD OUT

Mischa O’Mahony - Me & You Music

Tue 16 May - Tue 20 Jun 2017

Tuesdays / 6 Weeks / 16 May – 20 June 2017
10am: Age 4-17 Months (Dur: 45 Mins)
11am: Age 18 Months-3.5 Years (Dur: 60 Mins)
Cost: €42 For 6 Weeks Or €8 Pay As You Go (Subject To Availability)

Booking Tel: 01-8852622

Mischa O’ Mahony returns to playfully introduce you and your child to the elementary musical building blocks of pitch and rhythm and also the joy of singing your socks off. Come on this lively journey full of songs and music, using movement, instruments, stories and puppet friends. You will stamp your feet to the beat, wiggle to the rhythm, dance around, play many instruments and get to discover your child’s unique voices.

Places are limited so advanced booking is advised.
Please respect age limits. These sessions are designed for one-on-one parent and child time without accompanying siblings. Children must be accompanied at all times.

Focus On Your Voice Your Identity - Primary

Focus On Your Voice Your Identity - Primary

Poetry Workshops with Colm Keegan

Wed 31 May - Thu 1 Jun 2017

Age Range: 5th-6th Class Pupils Senior Primary Classes
10AM-11.45AM OR 12.15PM-2PM
Cost: €45 per class

Using our exhibition ‘School Portraits’ as a starting point, spoken word poet Colm Keegan will encourage participants to discover the importance of their voice to create individual, original spoken word pieces. The workshop will begin with a facilitated visit to the exhibition, where participants will engage with portraits of their peers in a range of arts mediums, they will then return to the workshop room where they will respond to what they have seen with their unique voice.

Workshop Notes: Limited to 1 class per school but other classes are welcome to be part of a waiting list. Cost per class €45. Please get in touch with Sarah 01-8098029 or if cost is an issue for your school. Max of 30 pupils per group.

Read More about Poet Colm Keegan

Also available for Secondary Schools

  • Focus On Your Voice Your Identity video
Madagascar - Sensory Friendly Screening

Madagascar - Sensory Friendly Screening

Sat 3 Jun 2017 3PM Draíocht Studio // €5 adults & children Dur: 86 mins

Four zoo animals are shipped back to their homeland by an animal rights group that feels they belong in the wild. When the ship capsizes, the animals find themselves stranded in Madagascar. Having had humans care for them their entire life, they know nothing about survival and must work together with the locals to help them fit in.

For this sensory friendly screening the volume is lowered, the auditorium lights are left on at a low level so the auditorium won't be in total darkness, we have restricted the capacity and viewers can make noise and move around the auditorium space if they wish.

Bookings: 01-8852622

Learn To Play Music Day 2017

Learn To Play Music Day 2017

With Castleknock School of Music / Mini Music & Instrumental Classes

Thu 8 Jun 2017 1.30PM-5.30PM // FREE // 6MTS-8+ YEARS

Ever wondered what it would be like to play a piano, pluck a violin string or blow into a saxophone? Well, now you can with Castleknock School of Music’s ‘Learn to Play Music Day’, where you can come and try an instrument and it’s absolutely FREE. There are also ‘Mini Music Classes’ available for ages 6 months-8+ years. This promises to be a great afternoon to learn a little about music and have some fun.

Places are free but limited.
Advance booking essential on tel: 01-8852622.

Ages / Mini Music & Instrumental Classes / Times

6-24 mths / Mini Music: Busy Babies     / 1.30-2.00pm
2-3 Yrs   / Mini Music: Bonny Bluebirds / 2.10-2.40pm
3-4 Yrs   / Mini Music: Red Robins      / 2.50-3.20pm
4-5 Yrs   / Mini Music: Pink Bears      / 3.30-4.00pm
5-6 Yrs   / Try it Out: Pathway to Piano / 3.30-4.00pm
5-6 Yrs   / Mini Music: Yellow Bunnies   / 4.00-4.30pm
5-6 Yrs   / Try it Out: Adventures in Violin / 4.30-5.00pm
6-7 Yrs   / Try it Out: Adventures in Violin / 3.30-4.00pm
6-7 Yrs   / Try it Out: Gateway to Guitar  / 4.00-4.30pm
6-7 Yrs   / Mini Music: Green Frogs     / 4.30-5.00pm
6-7 Yrs   / Try it Out: Pathway to Piano  / 5.00-5.30pm
7+ Yrs   / Try it Out: Adventures in Violin  / 4.00-4.30pm
7+ Yrs   / Try it Out: Pathway To Piano   / 4.30-5.00pm
7+ Yrs   / Try it Out: Gateway to Guitar     / 5.00-5.30pm
8+ Yrs   / Try it Out: Flute/Clarinet/Sax   / 2.50-3.30pm

Family Day - Pastel Portraits

Family Day - Pastel Portraits

Sat 10 Jun 2017 12 NOON-3PM Draíocht Galleries // FREE

After a look around the exhibition ‘School Portraits’ with our artists, we will learn more about what portraits are about, what stories they tell, before creating our own colourful portraits, while learning to blend and mix with pastels … maybe you’ll be the model … maybe you’ll be the artist … or try your hand at both!  

Booking tel: 01-8852622

Family Day Notes:
Sessions Are Free, But Space Is Limited.
Max 50 per workshop
Session 1: 12pm-12.50pm
Session 2: 1pm-1.50pm
Session 3: 2pm-2.50pm
Dress for Mess/ Unless otherwise stated workshops are designed for children from 5-10 years, though younger and older siblings are welcome to take part/ Please be aware that Draíocht’s Family Days are not designed for groups/ All children must be accompanied by an adult… and all adults must be accompanied by a child!

There and Back Again - An Odyssey

There and Back Again - An Odyssey

Lyngo Theatre Company

Thu 15 - Fri 16 Jun 2017 10.15AM & 12.15PM Draíocht Studio // €7 adults / €5 children / 2 teachers free per class of 20+ / Age 6-11 yrs Dur: 60 mins

First written down 3,000 years ago, the Odyssey is the classic of classics, the mother of all stories, the ultimate source of myths and legends full of one-eyed giants, ghosts, Greeks, powerful magic and great adventure.

Follow CBeebies Patrick Lynch as he launches Ulysses and his companions on a fantastic voyage which comes to life on a big screen while he plays with sand, stones, boats, bowls, fire and water. The use of multiple cameras will magnify table-top props down to the smallest detail to turn a storm-in-a-teacup into an Aegean tempest, laying out the fundamental fable hidden in this classic of world-literature and proving that no matter how far you roam, there's no place like Homer.  

MORE ... Download Free Education Pack


"An artfully imaginative, skilfully presented visual and oral feast of family theatre." Mumsnet

Summer Projects 2017 - Fingal Film School

Summer Projects 2017 - Fingal Film School

Mon 26 - Fri 30 Jun 2017

MON 26- FRI 30 JUNE 2017  10AM-4PM    
Age Range: 13-16 Years  Cost: €55

Want to learn how to make your own films?  Over these 5 days, facilitated by CreateSchool, you will collaborate with other creatives to plan, script, storyboard, film, edit and learn how to effectively add audio to produce your own short films. Using mobile digital devices and a selection of apps you will gain skills and tips that you can take home and master with your own projects. The workshop will conclude with a screening of the films. These workshops are an initiative of Fingal Arts Office.

Booking through Box Office: 01-8852622

Draiocht and The Connect Club 2017

Draiocht and The Connect Club 2017

Sat 1 - Mon 31 Jul 2017

This July will be Draíocht’s 10th year working with the Daughters of Charity’s Summer ’Connect Club’ in Laurel Lodge.
The camp, catering for young people with varying degrees of intellectual disability aims at providing an outlet that is fun and focused on the individuals likes and interests. In the past our Artists have facilitated drama, dance, music and visual art workshops, encouraging participants to work on their individual creativity and style. Workshops are for ages 12-18 years. For Further information on these workshops please contact

Rainy Days

Rainy Days

July & August

Sat 1 Jul - Thu 31 Aug 2017 Draíocht Galleries

On a rainy day over the Irish summer you are very welcome to visit our galleries and explore our two exhibition spaces with your children.
Our friendly box office staff will assist you with paper, clipboards, colouring pencils and a handy page (and a cushion if you need one!) and give you ideas and games to help you while away a few hours.

Summer Projects 2017 - Summer Song School

Summer Projects 2017 - Summer Song School

Mon 3 - Fri 7 Jul 2017

MON 03- FRI 07 JULY 2017  
10AM - 4PM / THU 06 JULY 10AM - 8PM
Free Concert For Family & Friends On Thu 06 July At 7pm
Age Range: 13- 16 Years   Cost: €55

SongSchool return with this week long project for those who are interested in writing and recording songs, performing a concert, making a video, learning about music technology and meeting people who love music as much as they do … not to mention forming bands and having fun! Participants receive a CD of their songs, a DVD of their videos, and a certificate of participation.

Booking through Box Office: 01-8852622

Summer Projects 2017 - Art Explorers Adventures Of Me

Summer Projects 2017 - Art Explorers Adventures Of Me

Mon 17 - Fri 21 Jul 2017

WORKSHOP A: 6-8 YEARS / 10AM-12.15PM / €40
WORKSHOP B: 9-12 YEARS / 1PM-3PM / €40

Inspired by our Ground Floor Gallery exhibition ‘Limitless’, artist Genevieve Harden will introduce the children to a range of art materials and look at artist’s who use themselves as inspiration for their art. ‘Adventures of Me’ will be an artistic journey, from giant finger prints, to drawing shadow silhouettes, to clay portraits, to painting a life-size me and the creation of a personalized storage box, all of which will be curated into their end of week exhibition for all to enjoy.

Booking through Box Office: 01-8852622