Des Kenny Reviews Andrew Carson - Pilgrim

October 5, 2015

05 October 2015 - Our Arty Blogger is back! Des Kenny Reviews Andrew Carson ...  

As you look down at the careful placement of your feet on each step of the spiral staircase leading to the First Floor Gallery in Draíocht, there is a slight feeling of vertigo as you are demanded to look suddenly upwards on the final step. At this juncture, black geodesic globes suspended from the ceiling immediately greet your eye and flow in a gentle curve towards the centre of the exhibition space. Ahead of this stream of geodesic spheres is a lone golden globe which appears to pull all the others in its wake.

The gallery space is carved out to lead the spectator inwards on a theatrical journey to explore the sublime vastness of the heavens. Distances of outer space are so vast; it can overwhelm the finite mind so the artist reduces whole universes to a globe that can be held in your hand. These geodesic spheres are covered in shimmering stars that light up the dark fabric of space.

At the far end of the gallery twelve black opaque panels stand erect like sentinels. These dark panels appear unrevealing until close examination unveils delicate lines of notation representing the binary code. They emit an opalescent sheen which separates the mathematical symbols from the dull surface of the panels. The message appears camouflaged in mystery awaiting a key to unlock its meaning.

The panels are a physical representation of a radio wave missive transmitted from a radio telescope in Puerto Rico in 1974. The transmission took three minutes to broadcast into the night sky. The radio telescope was pointed at M13, a mass of stars in the great cluster of Hercules. The system contains 300,000 stars with probably an equal number of planets. The scientific community with the aid of radio waves wished to contact alien life that may exist on these worlds. The binary system used by the scientists is an easy language to interpret. The numerals, equate to black and white squares, were 1 forms a black square and zero creates a white square. When decoded a simple pictorial image is formed, showing the image of man, the DNA helix and the position of earth and corresponding planets orbiting our sun. To this day the message remains unanswered, the night skies glistening constellations respond with the unending echo of silence.

While navigating the gallery space absorbing the functionality of the artists process, an underlying meaning is formed around the work. A subtext that does not overpower the visual reality of the show but allows the viewer unearth the moral quietly. It’s a realisation that the act of searching is more important than discovery. The subterranean impulses carrying humanity beyond a limited vision that contains creativity and outward to a limitless horizon were the imagination is unbound, define a culture. In the gloomy silence of empty space the lonely pilgrim searches undaunted with hope as a guide. 


Read more about Andrew's show ... here ...

Desmond Kenny is an artist based in Hartstown, Dublin 15. He is a self taught painter, since he began making art in 1986 he has since exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad, solo shows include Draíocht in 2001, The Lab in 2006 and Pallas Contemporary Projects in 2008. His work is included in many collections including the Office of Public Works, SIPTU, and Fingal County Council. Kenny's practice also incorporates print making and he has been a member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2004.

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Will you Climb Aboard the Ship of Fools?

October 1, 2015

Hallelujah! Draíocht’s Community Clown Choir has had the pleasure of working with Veronica Coburn, Theatre Artist in Residence, for the last 3 years.

Veronica Coburn’s 2013-2015 Residency was supported by The Arts Council’s Theatre Artist in Residence Scheme with additional support from Fingal County Council and the performance of ‘Ship of Fools’ marks the end of Draiocht’s 3 year Clown Choir Project.

We hope you'll come along!

Ship of Fools
WED 21 - SAT 24 OCT 2015 8PM 
Main Auditorium // Tickets: €16 / €13 conc / €10 (under 12s)
Booking tel: 01-8852622 or Online ... here ...


“Welcome to the Ship of Fools. A ship that is neither here nor there. A ship that has left but has not yet arrived. A ship that exists in a moment in time. A moment when you stop being who you are. And you have yet to become who you might be. A ship that sails through the night because that’s when you dream.”

Ship of Fools, a red nose re-telling of Alessandro Baricco’s Novecento, performed by thirty five clowns was developed with Hallelujah! Draíocht’s Community Clown Choir and scripted by Veronica Coburn. A culmination of Coburn’s three year Residency in Draíocht, Ship of Fools is a full blown red nose piece of theatre featuring song and original score. Performed in an intimate setting, Ship of Fools promises to make you laugh, it will make your heart sing and it will most certainly make you consider a journey of your own.

Director Veronica Coburn, Original Score & Musical Arrangement by Debra Salem, Choir Director Louise Foxe, Design Kieran McNulty, Lighting Paul Doran, Production Eamon Fox. 

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Draiocht Christmas Craft Fair Sat 28 and Sun 29 November 2015

September 29, 2015

SAT 28 - SUN 29 NOVEMBER 2015 // 12 NOON - 6PM DAILY
Draíocht Galleries, Draíocht Foyer & Draíocht Workshop Room

Draíocht is thrilled to be opening its doors for a two-day Christmas Craft Fair Extravaganza. Come along and support our Crafters, enjoy raffle prizes, face painting and hot chocolate; watch our Christmas Movies, ‘Elf’ and ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ and enjoy yourself. The 30 stalls will feature some beautifully hand crafted work, including knitting, crochet, baking, jewellery, needlework, wood turning, origami, cards, journals, children’s clothes, buttons, keyrings, handbags, photography and much more.

Entrance is free, pop along during the days from 12 noon to 6pm and support your local Arts Centre and crafters from Fingal.
Pop over to our Craft Fair Facebook Page ... HERE ... 

Draíocht is a registered charity venue generously funded by Fingal County Council with additional funding provided by The Arts Council.

This is a Draíocht Fundraising event. Can you sponsor a raffle prize? Email

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Collapsing Horse - Draíocht’s New Theatre Artists in Residence 2015/2016

September 28, 2015

Our 3 year Hallelujah! Clown Choir Project with Veronica Coburn ends with a bang in October with their final production, Ship of Fools and we are delighted to be welcoming our new Theatre Artists in Residence to Draíocht, Collapsing Horse ...

‘We’re Collapsing Horse, we’re a young theatre company from Dublin and we’ll be the new Theatre Artists in Residence in Draíocht 2015/2016. From January 2016 we’ll be working with D15 Youth Theatre, sharing our skills in puppetry and using theatrical illusion to bring ordinary objects to life. We will also be utilizing Draíocht’s Studio and technical facilities to develop a new play called Conor, about a child who journeys up to the sky. We use projections, animated backgrounds and live puppetry to create the experience of seeing the scale of the universe for the first time. We’ve had a great relationship with Draíocht since they presented our first show, Monster/Clock in 2013. We were back again in March 2015 with our creepy fairytale Human Child. We’re thrilled to be supported by Draíocht, Fingal County Council and the Arts Council to be making new work while engaging with Draíocht’s young audience.’

To find out more about this Residency, email Emer McGowan, Director Draiocht,

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D15 Youth Theatre Auditions 2015 - Sunday 27 September 2015

September 24, 2015

D15 Youth Theatre Auditions are on this Sunday, 27th September 2015 from 11am-2pm.

Auditions will be held for new members for Draíocht’s highly successful Youth Theatre, for those aged between 14-18 years with a love of theatre and trying new things. D15 Youth Theatre runs Tuesday evenings 7pm-9pm, during schools term times starting in October. All are welcome to auditions.

Drop into Draíocht to pick up an Application Form or email

If you are interested in finding out more about D15YT, contact or tel Sarah 01 8098029 or check out D15YT on Facebook ... or on their BLOG ... 

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